Welcome to Deborah Higher Mountin Of Mercy

Deborah Higher Mountain Of Mercy, Ikoyi, Osun State, Nigeria, is a divine mountain of God.

Based on the testimonies of many people who came to the mountain when they were nothing or at their zero level and how God had changed their identities by raising them up or solving their former problems for them.

That is why many people keep trooping in to the Mercy mountain from all over the country and from outside Nigeria; to seek God's face.

Also the prayer mountain is worth climbing and viewing the surrounding landscape and to observe the hands of God "how He God created the mountain".

Our Father God that lives in Heaven was the true God that created "Deborah Higher Mountain Of Mercy" by making it a solution ground for all problems. Infact "Deborah Higher Mountain Of Mercy" is our little Jerusalem for Christian pilgrimage; for many Nigerians who cannot afford going to Israel yearly for Christian pilgrimage.

The person that received the inspiration of this prayer mountain, is Prophetess Deborah Olufunmilayo.

Immediately God called her, she fasted for 21days without food and water; before the mountain was consecrated by God. Just as mount Zion in the Bible; upon "Deborah Higher Mountain Of Mercy" there shall be total deliverance
(Isaiah 49:1-26).

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